The Snark Factor Podcast 10-19-15

Posted on October 20th, 2015 by Fingers Malloy

At the top of the show, comedian Ben Kissel joined the gang to talk about his fascination with paranormal activity, Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Then Monica Crowley of The Washington Times and Fox News stopped by to discuss her recent trip to Europe, where she got to witness the Syrian refugee crisis firsthand. She also weighed in on Hillary’s FBI problem and how Barack Obama and Joe Biden are playing her like a fiddle.

To listen, click here.

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Snark Factor with Monica Crowley

Posted on September 4th, 2015 by Fingers Malloy

Monica Crowley of Fox News and The Washington Times stopped by to talk Trump, Hillary and Duran Duran.

To listen, click here.

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The Debut of 3 in 3

Posted on November 29th, 2012 by Fingers Malloy

This is the debut of my new podcast, 3 in 3. It will cover stories posted at Politomix, Twitchy and Fark–three stories in three minutes(or a little longer). Today’s topics include John McCain and Hillary Clinton, Sandra Fluke and bacon shaving cream.

You can catch the 3 in 3 every weekday morning at

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Editor-In-Chief Of Is Done With The Democrat Party

Posted on October 28th, 2010 by Fingers Malloy

I must confess, I am not a frequent visitor to The site was created to support Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Kevin DuJan is the editor at the site–and after being confronted with the same bullying tactics from his own party that we conservatives have been attacked with for decades–he left the Democrat Party for good.

Mr. DuJan (who supports Governor Palin for President in 2012) wrote an open letter to Rush Limbaugh yesterday. It’s a must read.

Here is an excerpt:

Dear Rush,

It’s my great hope that some of your listeners find a way to get this letter to you, or that it makes it to “Snerdley” and finds its way into your hands. I don’t think even you understand just how much damage Obama has done to the Democrat Party — to the point where formerly lifelong Democrats like myself, and everyone here at, are actively working to expose the party andliterally burn it to the ground for the good of the country.

None of this is being reported in the media, but a Civil War in the Democrat ranks has been raging since May 31st, 2008…a date every Hillary Clinton supporter knows well, because that was the date of the Democrat Rules & Bylaws Committee Meeting where Howard Dean (then-DNC Chair), Donna Brazile, and scores of other Kool-Aid slurping Obama flunkies took off their masks and revealed the full extent of the Leftist coup that had taken over the party.  This was the day when the DNC took delegates Hillary Clinton won in Michigan away from her and handed them to Obama (despite the fact he wasn’t even on the primary ballot in that state, because he removed his name when his campaign realized he’d come in third in that race).

May 31st, 2008 was a day when Hillary “babes” (as you call us sometimes) like us flew to Washington in large numbers to stand outside the Marriott near the National Zoo, where this Rules & Bylaws Committee Meeting was held, to shout for the DNC to count all the votes and operate the nominating process fairly — but they refused.  The anger over that day has never abated. In fact, it’s grown considerably since then.

This was the determining factor in millions of us leaving the Democrat Party for good. This was the day when the P.U.M.A. movement began — in response to Donna Brazile’s calls for “party unity” following the Rules & Bylaws Committee Meeting, we “Hillary babes” said “Party Unity My A$$” (or People United Means Action, depending on how you want to phrase it).  Exit polls showed 8 million PUMA voted Republican for the first time in our lives in the fall of 2008…casting ballots for McCain/Palin (and in truth, mainly for Palin, whom we support, and not to a small degree because she receives many of the same attacks lobbed at Hillary Clinton all these years).

It is a long piece, but it is a great history lesson for anyone not familiar with what happened to the millions of Hillary supporters during, and after the campaign. 

It’s also another example of how blind loyalty to political parties in this country needs to end.

That’s why it is so important for the Tea Party movement to continue the pressure on the Republican Party after November 2nd to make sure their candidates remember why they got elected.

Read the entire piece here.

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